Mission Statement

The mission of Clean Water Science Network (CWSN) is to improve the health and quality of life of developing communities through educational outreach, fundamental scientific studies, and applied research projects focused on water and sanitation issues. Since challenges faced by developing communities are best understood by those who live them daily, we strongly believe that the best way to encourage change is to build capacity at a local level. Many remarkable organizations exist to facilitate development projects, but few educational opportunities focused on the fundamentals of water and sanitation sciences are available to those with limited experience. This is a gap that CWSN aims to fill via programs ranging from local intensive workshops to research internships at top-tier universities in the United States.

CWSN also aims to develop water and sanitation projects to be completed by inquisitive and driven local individuals in resource-strapped regions. CWSN will solicit funding, organize logistics with local partners, and oversee scientific methods for successful completion of these projects.